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Web-Site of Statkevich’s Social Democrats Blocked

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Праваабарончы цэнтр «ВЯСНА»

The web-site of the shut down Belarusian Social Democratic Party Narodnaya Hramada was attacked.

As a result of a hacker attack the web-site has been blocked for over two days. That happened after publication of the article by the party leader Mikola Statkevich. The politician analyzed the political situation in the country and in the opposition camp.

The web-site is under construction at the moment. Its contents are transferred to another host service. Mikola Statkevich is sure his articles were the reason for crack down of the web-site.

Mikola Statkevich serves a sentence of 2 years of restriction of freedom in Blon, Pukhavichy district of Minsk region. He was punished for organizing street protest rallies against rigging the election and referendum in 2004, reports RFE/RL.

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