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More trade union activists fired in Babrujsk

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Babrujsk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units

Babrujsk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units

The management of the Babrujsk-based plant of tractor parts and units continues harassing members of the Free Trade Union of Belarus. Over the past two years, the employer has got rid of several trade union activists by refusing to extend their labor contracts. But the last two cases were “the height of cynicism and humiliation of all norms of human morality," say local members of the FTU.

A recent case involved a toolmaker Siarhei Pichuhou. His large family was left without a livelihood after Siarhei was dismissed. Siarhei’s wife, who is also an employee of the plant, at the time of the dismissal of her husband was in the last months of pregnancy, the family were going to have a third child. The eldest son is at university, the other son is two years old. Against the background of turmoil and stress, Hanna Pichuhova had a premature birth, a month ahead of schedule.

Another activist of the trade union, Aksana Kernazhytskaya, is now waiting for dismissal. She is raising a 12-year-old son. Late last month, she learned that her contract would be terminated. The management did not give reasons for the dismissal. Aksana Kernazhytskaya has worked at the enterprise for 19 years, flawlessly, according to her colleagues.

The trade union members say that the factory administration uses Decree No. 29 "On additional measures to improve labor relations, strengthening of labor and executive discipline" as "a club". The 11th Congress of the UPB adopted a statement which said that the activists were ready to take "radical measures of protest" if their associates were not be reinstated, and the pressure on trade union activists did not stop.

"The manager of the plant, member of the Mahilioŭ Regional Council Aliaksandr Ahranovich, to the damage of the enterprise throws highly skilled workers onto the street, ruins people's lives. During this time, many of our comrades have been punished, but the recent dismissals have become the height of cynicism and humiliation of all norms of human morality,” says the statement.

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