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Babrujsk: another member of independent trade union dismissed from TD&A plant

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Babrujsk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units

Babrujsk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units

The member of the Free Trade Union of Belarus learned that the plant of Tractor Details and Appliances hadn't renewed the labor contract with him the day before the expiry of the contract, whereas according to the collective agreement the administration was to have warned him a month before it.

Meanwhile, the plant administration didn't even informed the worker about the reasons for his dismissal. By the way, Siarhei Pichuhou, a toolsmith of the fifth category, is fired from the plant this way for the second time already. The first case happened two years ago, but he managed to defend his right to work.

Siarhei Pichuhou has worked at TD&A for 11 years. His wife also works at the plant. Now she is on maternity leave, and is going to give birth to a third child. The eldest son is studying in a high school, the middle one is 20 months old. Siarhei's colleagues are indignant that the plant administration decided to dismiss the worker, knowing that about his family situation. They even gathered signatures in his support, but didn't manage to convince the administration.

Therefore, the head of the FTUB Mikhail Kavalkou and Siarhei Pichuhou are going to have an audience with the leadership of Babrujsk City Executive Committee. If the officials don't pay a proper reaction, he is going to court.

Let us remind that FTUB members have been systematically discriminated by the factory administration for the several years already. The pressurization increased after a hunger-strike, announced by 12 people, including Mr. Pichuhou.

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