Zhana Ptsichkina studied the criminal case concerning the death of her son

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Memorial action in honor of Ihar Ptsichkin. Photo by Radio "Liberty"

Memorial action in honor of Ihar Ptsichkin. Photo by Radio "Liberty"

The mother of Ihar Ptsichkin, who had died in the remand prison in Valadarski Street, 1 in Minsk back on August 4, 2013, sought the assistance of the Human Rights Center “Viasna”.

The preliminary investigation into the case was completed back in January 2015. However, for a long time the mother has been denied in studying the case for unknown reasons.
A month ago, she got such an opportunity and since then has been going to the Investigation Committee where she had to copy the materials of the investigation in handwriting, as she was forbidden to photograph any materials. She was also prohibited to give publicity to any information set forth in the case.

This position of the body conducting the criminal proceedings looks
rather strange, especially due to the fact that according to the opinion of the Investigation Committee the death of Mr. Ptsichkin wasn't violent and occurred as a consequence of abuse of alcohol and narcotics. Meanwhile, the forensic examination failed to discover any alcohol or narcotics in his blood.

Zhana Ptsichkina is not going to give up. First of all, she intends to challenge the cessation of the preliminary investigation into the criminal case, with the aim to achieve the initiation of an additional investigation and objective assessment of the actions of the guards of the remand prison.