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Rebellious Faculty of History is being liquidated at Hrodna State University

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The rumors that the Faculty of History can be amalgamated with the Faculty of Tourism have circulated actively during the past two months, since the dismissal of the disgraced historian Viachaslau Shved.

Dean of the History Faculty Edmund Yarmusik confirmed to "Salidarnasts" that the issue with the amalgamation of the faculties is being solved.

"If you have this information, there's is no smoke without fire," said Edmund Yarmusik. "There is such a decision. It is being discussed. There's nothing terrible about it. It is a natural re-organization of the educational process. We must sow the reasonable, good and eternal under any government in any country.History as a subjet remains in any case, and the rest is a mere formality."

it was noted earlier, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Services Siarhei Danskikh can become the dean of the new faculty, whereas Edmund Yarmusik can be appointed to teh position of the department of history of Belarus. It is yet unknown how the question is being solved.

"The land is rife with rumors," - said
Edmund Yarmusik. "I know nothing. Aks the rector, if you will."

Of course, the amalgamation of the faculties will ensue
staff reductions. Thus the university will be able to legitimately get rid of the "unreliable" historians who still hold their positions.

among the history department faculty has beeing going on for quite a long time already. In autumn 2012, an author of the book "Hrodna Studies" Andrei Charniakevich was dismissed from it.

The head of the Hrodna Regional Executive Committee Siamion Shapira admitted that he personally ordered the dismissal of Charniakevich: "He was dismissed on my peronal order", stated the official. "They wrote a book and printed it abroad. For whose money? They could come to me and talk about it!"

Shapira also admitted that he read the information provided by the KGB and knew all university "oppositionists" by names. "There are sixteen people in the university who are calling to overthrow the government," said Shapira.

Soon after it, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Theory of State and Law Ihar Kuzminich issued an open lettter, stating his retirement from the university in protest against the pressurization of his colleagues.

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