Public viewing and discussion on film "Torture in Belarus. Apocalypsis"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Photo from the website

Photo from the website

On 15 April the Lithuanian cinema festival "Inconvenient Cinema" and the Belarusian Human Rights House invite all interested persons to the opening view of a documentary about tortures and cases of cruel and inhumane treatment of citizens by law-enforcement officers, and the following discussion with the film producer and its heroes.

The film of the independent Belarusian film producer Volha Nikalaichyk "Torture in Belarus. Apocalypsis" is a trilogy. It tells the viewers about tortures, mockery, cruel treatment and human rights violations committed by officers of law-enforcement agencies. The film comprises several stories: Aliaksei Mikhalevich, a presidential candidate at elections-2010 suffered mockery at the remand prison of the KGB in Minsk, human rights defender Pavel Levinau was almost charged with terrorism, youth activist Andrei Molchan was severely beaten by the police, Ukrainian FEMEN activists suffered torture and humiliation as a consequence of their performance near the KGB office in Minsk.

The film was shot in 2013 with the assistance of the Belarusian Human Rights House. Its duration is 86 minutes.