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Minsk Region Court turns down appeal of beaten Maladechna citizen

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 10 August the Maladechna Region Court turned down the appeal of the Maladechna citizen Alesia Sadouskaya against violations in the police report concerning the violation which had been allegedly committed by her in the beginning of the year.

She also asked the court to abolish the court ruling of 15 August according to which the case against her was stopped due to the end of the terms of consideration, and demanded a complete rehabilitation.

This story happened on the New Year at the Maladechna club “Neo”. While resting there Alesia Sadouskaya discovered that her mobile telephone was missing. The club guards called the police on her request. However, the policemen refused to compose a report during the holiday and advised her to apply to the district police department after the days off.

Alesia demanded that they acted in line with the law. As a result, the policemen got angry and impolite. Alesia demanded that they behaved correctly and threatened to file an appeal to the procuracy. These words had an unpredictable impact on the police officers – they pulled the woman to an area of the building where there were no video cameras and beat her. After this they forcefully pulled her in their car and took the Maladechna District Police Department. 2 reports of administrative violations were drawn up against her there. She spent the rest of the night in a cold cell. The policemen insulted her, refusing to give her any food and water and creating physically and psychologically hard conditions.

Judge Yuzhyk who considered the administrative case, ruled to appoint a forensic psychiatric examinnation for the woman. Thereby she also introduced in the ruling the false information that Sadouskaya was registered as psychically ill.

On 15 June Sadouskaya's lawyer applied to the Maladzechna City Court and was told that the trial wouldn't be appointed soon and he could study the case materials any time. However, the same day Judge Yuzhyk suddenly ruled that the case was to be dropped due to the expiry of the terms for its consideration. The lawyer and the defendant occasionally learned it from the court secretary. After this Alesia Sadouskaya filed an appeal to the Minsk Region Court with the demand to drop the case because of absence of corpus delicti in her actions.

Judge of the Minsk Region Court Andrei Shupikau turned the appeal down and left the ruling of Judge Yuzhyk in force.  

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