Road “policeman” breaks his wand against biker’s chest

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The incident happened at about 6 in the morning on July 2, not far from the cinema "Belarus".

"I was riding a motorcycle in Ramanauskaya Slabada, when I saw the traffic police patrol, — Volha Ihnatsiuk recalls. — One of the inspectors lifted his traffic wand and waved it, trying to stop me, standing on my lane. I didn't manage to apply brakes at once and decided to stop several meters farther, behind the policemen".

And then, according to Volha, some horrible things started happening.

"The first policeman made an attempt to hit me, but then he either saw I was a girl or changed his mind, but he just stood still. The other one didn't think long - he took a step forward anв punched me in the chest".

"They probably thought I was not going to stop and decided to knock me off my motor-bike like this, or something else. Maybe this was because they hate bikers as they stop rarely. For me, it was a shock. I was frightened, went down the road for a couple of meters and continued by way. I was hysterical as it was so unexpected. The traffic police patrol did not follow me. I stopped not very far from the incident site as I felt an acute pain in my chest. I checked in the back mirror - there was a piece of the traffic wand sticking out of my T-shirt..." 

There is a browny-yellow trace of the blow on Volha's chest. The girl is still taking the piece of the traffic wand with her. They did not take it from her in the Frunzenski district police department of Minsk, where the girl filed a claim on bodily injuries. Volha doesn't know whom she should give this "trophy".

After the girl-biker had got the blow, a taxi-driver drove up to her. The man drove across Ramanauskaya Slabada on purpose in order to film that very traffic police patrol on his video-register. The people with shoulder-straps were on duty in an old Opel Astra. Volha wrote down the numbers of this car — 2775.

Volha didn't dare to return the piece of the traffic wand to the people with shoulder-straps. It is unknown what reaction it might cause.

We asked the girl whether she was riding her motor-bike fast that morning.

"There is a peculiarity of driving a sportive motorcycle: when the speed is high, you lie down on the motor-bike and hide behind the baffle plate in order to improve the air shape, — Volha explains. — If I was riding at a high speed he would be unlikely to hit me in the chest, probably, only in the back. In this case, I was slowing down, relaxed, at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour, bolt upright..."

We look through Volha Ihnatsiuk's documents. A driver's license - here, a medical certificate - here, the documents for her motorcycle - in order. The record of breaking the rules is empty. Volha says that she paid a small fine once in her life, for incorrectly mounted number plate.

Today, the girl feels normally, but she is eager to achieve justice, beaten and offended.

"My chest and arm ache. It is a shame that the policemen use such methods. This is horrible, — Volha says. — I would like that this inspector is punished so that such things would never happen again".

ERB tried to contact the patrol which "stopped" the girl. However, employees of different district departments of the state automobile inspection could have been on duty the day before the holiday.

The agitprop inspectors of Frunzenski, Tsentralny and city departments of Minsk state automobile inspection know nothing about the incident so far. It is likely that it will take a minute to find the "fighter" who punched the girl-biker.

Although usually Minsk traffic policemen behave politely and respectfully, we advise to stay alert when you have contacts with them.

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