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Forensic expertise confirms beating of Siarhei Kavalenka

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According to doctor of the psychiatric department of "Vitsba-3" penal colony, the state of Kavalenka's health remains unchanged.

"It means that the state is grave. The doctor didn't say what his blood pressure and temperature were. They continue the forced feeding," said Kavalenka's wife Alena.

On 10 April the Vitsebsk Regional Court will consider the appeal against the last year's verdict to Mr. Kavalenka – 3 years of personal restraint for hanging out a white-red-white flag on a New Year tree in the center of Vitsebsk.

"According to the accusation, he allegedly showed resistance to the police, and received some injures when he fell from the tree. However, I was passed a document witnessing that these injuries couldn't be received in such a way. In his testimony he also said that he had been beaten after the police put his hand in handcuffs.

Here's a quotation: "The scratches in the area of radiocarpal joints are, most probably, a result of the use of special gear – handcuffs. The remaining bodily injuries are a result of at least nine traumatic actions by the items, the individual traits of which are not reflected in the character of the injuries. These injuries are not usual for falling from the distance of one's height and strikes against blunt items. It cannot be excluded that they could be inflicted in the circumstances, stated by the examined individual."

Thus, it was he who was beaten, and we will prove this," says Mrs. Kavalenka. The hearing of the appeal starts at 9.30 a.m. on 10 April.

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