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Complaint on torture against Zmitser Bandarenka submitted to UN

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has received a complaint with a request to investigate facts of using torture against political prisoner Zmitser Bandarenka.

Activists of “Human Eights Activists against Torture” have sent an urgent complaint which is prepared basing upon suspicions that torture is used against a person, when interference is needed in order to stop these actions, website informs.

The authors of the complaint state that Zmitser Bandarenka’s health condition is grave after the spine surgery in September 2011, that it is impossible for him to have after care procedures in prison as prescribed by doctors. It is stated that Bandarenka is forced to do movements and actions which can aggravate his health condition, and even cause immobilization (he is forced to stand, march in the ranks, sit for a long time, his spinal column is “twisted”). Besides, it is said that Zmitser Bandarenka had been denied a disability status.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has also been sent medical documents which confirm Zmitser Bandarenka’s state of health, as well as the conclusion of an expert examination held by a Ukrainian expert Andrey Rokhansky.

As stated by Andrey Rokhansky, patients with such state of health are given the second degree of disability in Ukraine.

“The whole of the presented medical documents proves that a medical and social expert examination should be held for Zmitser Bandarenka, and the degree of disablement should be established…

Failure to provide special medical remedial means of medical equipment (orthopedic shoes, a walking stick) can be regarded as torture and cruel treatment,” the expert opinion reads.

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