Iryna Khalip: Lukashenka’s aim not to release Sannikov from prison alive

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The wife of the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov held an urgent press-conference on January 25.

We offer the full text of Iryna Khalip’s statement:

“After the three months of isolation I was able to see my husband in prison. On Friday he was seen by the lawyer, but both the lawyer and Andrei Sannikov were warned by the administration of the colony that in case their conversation would pass the limits of the criminal case and supervision complaints, their meeting would be interrupted, and lawyers would not get access to him any more. That is why the lawyer reported later that Andrei allegedly “looked not so bad and did not have any physical complaints.” It was another condition.

But when I saw Andrei yesterday, I was shocked how exhausted he looks. It was a man who had passed at least 10 years of Stalin’s camps in the three months.

His mother who was at the meeting as well, was crying for the entire four hours on our way back. As the first phrase of her son was: “I did not have a hope to see you again,”

Andrei could not say anything to me concretely. It was clear he had been prohibited that.

“My serving the term ended in September. Then tortures started,” these were the only words Andrei could say.

I remind that in September he was transferred from Navapolatsk colony first in Vitsebsk prison, and then in Mahilyou prison, and then in Babrujsk colony, and later again in Mahilyou prison, and finally into the penal colony “Vitsba-3”.

Heaven knows what had been happening to him all this time. But it is obvious that he had been subjected to torture.

Andrei made me understand that back in Mahilyou prison where he arrived on November 16 he was threatened that me and our 4-year-old son would be murdered. While even in the KGB prison mister Zaitsau descended to that, no wonder his subordinate used his methods.

Andrei understands in what a difficult situation I am. Considering the Home Detention Curfew under the court verdict, I must open the doors late at night when they ring at the door “Open the door, it’s police!” Anyone can come to me in this way, and I it would be impossible for me not to open the door.

Andrei is ready to die himself, but he would not allow to do harm to us with Danik. Thus, in this way back on November 20 an appeal addressed to Lukashenka was extorted from him.

And now let I ask ourselves why having received the long-awaited paper, Lukashenka was not flourishing it around at the press-conference in December, when he said that political prisoners do not want to write petitions for pardon, and that is why they stay in prisons. They did not want to write, but these petitions were extorted from them by torture and force. Moreover, unlike any others, Andrei has a little child and a wife who has a suspended sentence.

It is obvious that Lukashenka did not need petitions for pardon, It was a fake excuse for journalists who were asking questions to him, his aim is different. His aim is not to release political prisoners alive. If Lukashenka needed documents with their signatures, why would not he use the document with the signature of his strongest opponent? Would he keep silent at the press-conference in late December?

But he kept silent. And it de4monstrates once again that his real task is liquidation of his opponents. With the same aim Mikalai Statkevich was placed in Mahilyou prison, which is far away from possible witnesses. That is the reason why Zmitser Bandarenka, who is ill, is not released.

At parting Andrei pressed a note to the glass. It was written there: “Saving of my life is at stake. I can be killed at any time.”

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