Police atrocity in Mahilyou

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

An activist of Moladz BNF Andrei Padalyak from Babrujsk has suffered from terrible police outrage upon personal dignity in Maholyou.

On December 17 policemen came up to him in the street of Mahilyou. They heard him speaking Belarusian, and they asked him to follow them to the police department, as he looked like a criminal, Viasna human rights centre informs.

“I told them that I would not go anywhere, as it was nonsense. After that they took my arms and led to the police department situated in Pazharny lane. They wanted to fingerprint me in the police department, however I refused. Then one of the policemen swept across my face with a roller covered by black powder. I was shocked by that, but after that policemen took me to wash my face. In the toilet three of them seized me, turned me upside down and plunged my head into the toilet bowl,” Andrei Padalyak, a member of Moladz BNF (the youth branch of the Belarusian Popular Front) said.

“I was just stunned and could not speak for a few minutes after that. I was not allowed to call home either. I was placed in the room for prisoners, and later into the little glass room. In an absolute darkness I started to bang on the door and ask to release me. As a result, they handcuffed me. I spent about 5 hours like this. Finally I was taken bad and I asked to call a doctor,” Andrei continued.

The guy says he was speaking Belarusian to the policemen all the time, and they sneered at him for that.

“When the doctor arrived, she tried to speak Belarusian, but she was speaking in an arrogant manner. Finally she called me “the fifth column”. She examined me, measured blood pressure and temperature and said I was in good health. However, I have a congenital heart defect, and my temperature was 37.7, and blood pressure 130/90. I was not hospitalized in spite of that. In the morning I was placed into a usual cell, and after that I was taken to court,” Moladz BNF activist said.

Judge Shandarovich tried the case in the court of Leninski district.

“In the court policemen charged me with being drunk and using foul speech, however there had not been any medical examination confirming that,” the guy said. “As the report had been drawn up with violations, judge Shandarovich sent it for revision, and I was released. The proceedings are to continue on November 24.”

A human rights activist Barys Bukhel notes that the authorities have spoiled they law enforcement structures, and the absolute power corrupts absolutely.

“It’s a long time since I had come across such cases, and could hardly believe such things are possible in our city, however we have proofs for that. We shall follow this trial and write complaints, we shall try to bring to account the policemen who had been engaged in this total lawlessness,” Barys Bukhel said.