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Post-graduate student Tatsiana Kasataya expelled from university

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The girl was expelled from the Hrodna State University after the failure to pass the attestation for the second year of post-graduate study. Recently she has received an excerpt from the rector's order concerning her expulsion.

Most probably, the real reason for her expulsion is social activism. At present Tatsiana is waiting for copies of the minutes of sittings of the attestation commissions, after which she would apply to the Minister of Education. “I must go to the end. If such a thing has been done to me, I don't others to be afraid of it.”

However, she doesn't hope that he would be given an opportunity to finish her education in Belarus, that's why she thinks that she can do it on post-graduate courses in Lithuania or Poland. The expulsion didn't influence her work – she still does research on the activities of Evangelic Christians in the Belarusain Socialist Soviet Republi in 1944-1991.

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