Brest: cassation appeal of beaten pensioner turned down

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Andrei Leshchanka, Judge of the Brest Region Court, turned down the cassation appeal against the verdict of the Biaroza District Court on case of Halina Kavalevich.

The pensioner had been detained with the use of violence by officers of the Biaroza District Police Department during the silent protest action held on 13 July. The district court found her guilty of resisting to the police, but didn't punish her because of the “insignificance of the violation”.

In her cassation appeal the woman asked the regional court to reverse the verdict. However, Andrei Leshchanka refused to do it and said that peculiarities of  the Biaroza judge had a better knowledge of peculiarities of this case.

According to Iryna Kavalevich and human rights defender Uladzimir Malei, such verdicts sanction groundless police violence towards citizens.