Homel: police beat and torture youth activists for white-red-white flag

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

During the official events dedicated to Homel’s City Day, when the 866th anniversary of the city was celebrated, Young Front activists raised white-red-white flags.

In just a minute the police snatched Andrus Tsianiuta out if the crowd, and beating him up, knocked him on the ground. As a result, Andrei’s knee was injured, and his fingers were dislocated. At the police department several reports were drawn up against him, including charges of disobedience to police and using foul language. Andrei spent the nig thin a separate room, sitting on the concrete floor.

In the morning, when the policemen planned to take the activist to the remand prison for him to wait for the trial there, Andrei Tsianiuta demanded to call in a doctor for him. The doctor confirmed that the young man cannot stay imprisoned because of pneumonia signs. Only after 15 hours after the detention Tsianiuta was released. He is expecting a trial.