Homieĺ: is it possible to count 2.5 thousand votes in 20 minutes?

2015 2015-10-12T01:45:34+0300 2015-10-12T01:45:34+0300 en http://spring96.org/files/images/sources/bulleteni.jpg The Human Rights Center “Viasna” The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Observer Ales Yauseyenka observed the voting on the election day at polling station No. 25 in the Saviecki district of Homieĺ.

According to him, the PEC demonstrated wonders of quickness – in just 20 minutes, 8.00 to 8.20 p.m., its members counted more than 2.5 thousand ballots and announced the results. However, the observers weren't invited to the tables at which the commissioners were counting the papers.

According to the announced results, 1,705 people voted for Lukashenka, 128 for Haidukevich, 68 for Karatkevich, 42 for Ulakhovich and 151 against all candidates.

As reported by an observer of “Fair World” Anatol Ilyinchyk, at polling station No. 26 observers were also allowed to watch the vote counting from a large distance. PEC No. 26 announced the following results: the total number of votes – 1,301. 867 of them are for Lukashenka, 36 for Karatkevich, 82 for Haidukevich, 33 for Ulakhovich, 46 against all and 14 ballots were invalid.

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