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26.10.2018 Picks of the Week

More activists convicted over environmental protest in Brest; government employees "assist" farmers to harvest crops; Amnesty International welcomes the release of Dzmitry Paliyenka

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19.10.2018 Picks of the Week

Human rights lawyer arrested in Brest; opposition activist convicted over anti-military protest; journalists routinely harassed across Belarus

Viasna activist fined in Svietlahorsk

10.10.2018 Viasna activist fined in Svietlahorsk

Alena Masliukova, activist of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” in Svietlahorsk, has been fined 612.5 rubles (USD 285) on charges of organizing an illegal assembly.

Observatory: Drop charges against Svietlahorsk activists

01.10.2018 Observatory: Drop charges against Svietlahorsk activists

The Observatory has been informed by reliable sources about the judicial harassment of Ms. Alena Masliukova, member of Human Rights Centre “Viasna” in Svetlogorsk and Mr. Anatoly Zmitrovich, an environmental activist.

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21.09.2018 Picks of the Week

On September 20, human rights defender Alena Masliukova was charged with illegal protesting, after she attended a picket in Svietlahorsk, in which environmental activists demanded to close a local pulp mill. Masliukova denies the charge saying that she came to the city’s central square to monitor the protest.

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14.09.2018 Picks of the Week

Authorities still punish people for white-red-white flag; journalists face travel restrictions; Viasna leader opposes Belarus's plans to chair OSCE

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07.09.2018 Picks of the Week

Statistics of administrative persecution in August; REP leaders appeal verdict; journalist in Braslaŭ convicted for eighth time since 2011

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31.08.2018 Picks of the Week

Courts convict activists over support for REP leaders; new suspect named in BelTA case; blogger in Brest live streams own arrest; political prisoner Mikhail Zhamchuzhny faces new penalties in prison

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11.08.2018 Picks of the Week

The sweeping and clearly disproportionate crackdown on independent journalists that started on August 7 and briefly paralyzed the work of the country’s leading news portal,, and the only private news agency, BelaPAN, has been making both national and international headlines during the week.

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27.07.2018 Picks of the Week

Freedom of expression is still severely curtailed in Belarus. This includes repressions against journalists and vocal critics of the regime.

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20.07.2018 Picks of the Week

LGBTQ activist fined for speaking back to homophobic statements by Interior Minister; Viasna volunteer loses compensation trial for illegal arrest; opposition activists continue picketing controversial restaurant

Civil Rights Defenders: Situation for Independent Journalists Reaches New Low in Belarus

19.07.2018 Civil Rights Defenders: Situation for Independent Journalists Reaches New Low in Belarus

Belarusian journalists Volha Czajczyc and Andrei Kozel were recently prosecuted and threatened with heavy fines and loss of property because of their journalistic activities and cooperation with the independent TV channel Belsat. Civil Rights Defenders urges Belarus to ensure the safety of Volha Czajczyc, Andrei Kozel and all other independent journalists in the country.

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15.06.2018 Picks of the Week

Activists protest opening restraurant next to memorial site; trade union leaders plea not guilty; authorities harass environmental campaigners

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08.06.2018 Picks of the Week

Journalists still under attack; Interior Ministry involved in homophobic row; cannabis-legalization campaigner spends 3 days in jail for fake protest

Young Front activist under preventive supervision for six months

25.05.2018 Young Front activist under preventive supervision for six months

Uladzimir Yaromenak, activist of the Young Front opposition group and former defendant in the White Legion criminal case, has been placed under preventive supervision for the period of six months, Euroradio said.