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Seven young people detained. Some of them accused of "terrorism" and "treason against the state"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On April 29, a propaganda film Children in the Crosshairs. Recruited by the Enemy was released on the state TV channel ONT. It showed the detention of seven teenagers for "cooperation with the Ukrainian special services". Some of them are accused of "terrorism" and "treason against the state". We report what has become known from the film.

Maryia Misiuk

The film said that six teenagers allegedly united in the Black Nightingales anarchist cell, which "under the leadership of the National Liberation Army of Ukraine" was created by 16-year-old citizen of Ukraine Maryia Misiuk.

ONT employees claim that teenagers united to do sabotage on a tip in Belarus, and then in Russia. Maryia is accused under Part 2 of Article 289 of the Criminal Code (act of terrorism). According to the story, 16-year-old Maryia Misiuk moved from Ukraine to Belarus with her family in 2022 and created an "anarchist cell to prepare terrorist attacks." As reported in the film, Misiuk communicated with the "mentor" online. According to ONT, the mentor sent Misiuk "instructions on making an explosive device, a Molotov cocktail, and literature with anarchist and destructive content."

Among those detained are college students in Baranavičy, Niasviž, Mir, Minsk, and Luninec. These are Trafim Barysau, Siarhei Zhyhaliou, Dzmitryi Zakharoshka, Anastasiya Klimenka, and Aliaksandra Pulinovich. According to ONT employees, young people gathered at a Baranavičy apartment to allegedly prepare for their first serious action: to make explosives and blow up a Baranavičy police station or the prosecutor's office. It is not known what articles they are charged under. Their statuses and location are also unknown.

The film also featured 18-year-old Daniil Herasim. He is accused of "treason to the state" (Part 1 of Article 356 of the Criminal Code) for photographing military facilities in Asipovičy.

Daniil Herasim

The film showed Stanislau Shapel, who is already serving his sentence in a penal colony, but there is a white "non-extremist" tag on his uniform. He allegedly agreed to be a delivery man, to transfer money. The man also recorded a video which said that he is against Putin and supports Ukraine.

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