Observer in Baranavichy asks prosecutors to check “records” of home voting

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Viktar Syrytsa

Viktar Syrytsa

On 24 March, an independent observer Viktar Syrytsa sent a complaint to the Baranavichy Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office to appeal against a violation of the Electoral Code by members of the election commission at polling station No. 49. In his complaint, Viktar Syrytsa says that the final report showed extremely high percentage of home voters. On election day, March 23, 396 voters voted at the polling station during the day, and 403 people voted at home (26.5 % of the voters according to the final protocol). The observer notes that the organization of voting at voters’ residence involved only two members of the election commission with one portable box for approximately three hours. He is surprised by the fantastic productivity of two people from the commission, despite the fact for most of the time the box was at the polling station before the eyes of the observers. While the remaining 11 members of the commission issued only 396 ballots during the whole election day.

Viktar Syrytsa asks the Prosecutor to investigate the legality of home voting at polling station No. 49. The observer wonders why 26.5% of voters suddenly decided to vote at home and whether they voted at all.

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