Hlybokaye: civil society activists apply for holding a picket on Freedom Day

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Yaraslau Bernikovich and Zmitser Lupach applied to the Hlybokaye District Executive Committee for permission to hold a festive picket on March 25.

"We, the residents of Hlybokaye, just have to be leaders in the Freedom Day celebration. After all, a bust to Vatslau Lastouski, a prominent Belarusian historian and public figure, was installed in our city, and we also have a plaque in honor of a great activist of the Belarusian revival – Klaudzi Dush-Dusheuski, who was born in Hlybokaye and is considered to be the author of the white-red-white flag, the national symbol of Belarusians", argues Mr. Lupach.

Now the activists are waiting for the authorities to answer the application, as well as the application for their action on the Constitution Day, March 15. It's worth mentioning that the authorities rejected their latest bid for a picket of solidarity with political prisoners. The appeal of the ban in court brought no results.