Yeziaryshcha: schoolmaster warns teachers against signing for anyone but Lukashenka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As stated by the collector of signatures for Uladzimir Niakliayer Leanid Autukhou, the teachers and the technical personnel of the school of the town of Yeziaryshcha refuse to sign in support of nomination of any candidates for president but Aliaksandr Lukashenka, as the school administration threatens not to prolong the labor contracts to those who would do it. The threats were voiced at a general assembly of the school staff.

A considerable part of residents of Yeziaryshcha decided not to sign for anyone but Lukashenka to be on the safe side. Meanwhile, one can sign in his support in the Haradok district even without bringing the passport. According to Mr. Autukhou, the people express their surprise when he asks for their passports and say that collectors of signatures for Lukashenka needed just their signatures, not passports. Leanid Autukhou believes that members of Lukashenka’s electoral team receive assistance from the Ministry of Internal Affairs that can provide passport data of any citizen if necessary.

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