Teacher quits opposition party due to pressure by authorities

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Syarhei Klimyanok, a teacher from Vileika, took a decision to withdraw from the United Civil Party.

As the website ucpb.org reminds, Taisia Danilevich, the head of the Education Department of the Minsk region executive committee, demanded the teacher to leave the party. In case UCP member Syarhei Klimyanok refuses to obey, the school staff will face problems. As a result, the oppositionist had to quit the party.

“The decision has been made. It was a difficult decision. I didn’t take the responsibility for the staff. I weighed all pros and cons. I think I should be tactful, I shouldn’t look for trouble in a situation when the whole staff can suffer,” Syarhei Klimyanok said.

According to the oppositionist, the school staff can suffer due to pressure by the authorities.

“Different inspections will begin to visit the school. Our school is a good one, but they will try to finds faults,” Syarhei Klimyanok said. “They can limit the number of children for new a new academic year and our further existence will be doubted. The headmaster can suffer as well if he does not make a decision after the conversation with Danilevich. I do not want to let him down. Besides, I understand that Danilovich followed the orders by her chiefs. Withdrawal from the party is a serious step, it changes a lot, but it cannot change my mind. I will remain the same person.”

Syarhei Klimyanok is sure his withdrawal from the UCP won’t put a period to the situation. He thinks he will face troubles, moreover, he is going to run for the local elections.

We remind that on January 15, head of the education department of the Minsk region executive committee demanded the teachers to quit opposition parties or retire. Head of the education department of the Minsk region executive committee Taisia Danilevich threatened the teachers, members of the parties registered by the Ministry of Justice. According to the official, the teachers do not have the right to work in state-run schools.

The official called Natallya Ilinich, a history teacher from Talka, member of the BPF party; Mikalai Lyashchun, a foreign language teacher from Lahoisk, BPF member; Ales Yazvinski, a sports teacher from Nyasvizh, member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF; Uladzimir Pareika, a geography teacher from the Nyasvizh district, member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party; and members of the United Civil Party – Syarhei Klimyanok, a sports teacher from Vileika, and Nadzezhda Ahafonava, a speech therapist from Lyuban.

Two teachers have filed complaints at unlawful actions of officials to a prosecutor’s office.