Administrative case for refusal to be fingerprinted

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

An administrative case was instigated against a dweller of the town of Biaroza who tried to find out why he must be fingerprinted.

The incident took place in an office of investigator Dzmitry Hukin, where Ruslan Sandrozd was invited to, Radio Racyja reports. According to Ruslan Sandrozd, his bravery made the investigator wild. Moreover, there were a few witnesses in the office, who agreed to be fingerprinted.

The report drawn up by the police says: he behaved in an aggressive manner, insulted the police officer Hukin, threatened with punishment and firing from police. According to the report, only militiamen were witnesses. The case of Ruslan Sandrozd will be tried by court of Biaroza district (Brest region) on 4 January.

Bear in mind that on 17 December 2009 the Soviet of the Republic approved the draft law on amending the law on state fingerprinting registration. According to the amended document, all male persons liable for call up aged 18–55 will be fingerprinted.

It should be noticed that Aleh Piakarski, first deputy interior minister of Belarus, said in the middle of December 2009 that it was not planned to impose responsibility for refusal to be fingerprinted.

'At the moment citizens of our country do not feel any pressure or influence to pass fingerprinting registration. A question of brining to responsibility may be considered later,' Piakarski said.

Mass unlawful fingerprinting campaign has been started in Belarus after a bomb blast in Minsk on 4 July 2008. Belarusians are fingerprinted when they are invited to military enlistment offices and militia departments. The Ministry of internal Affairs began to fingerprint the minors in technical schools.