KGB recruits student via social network

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On 19 January two KGB officers tried to recruit a first-year student of the Belarusian University of Informatics and Radio-Electronics Pavel Liashkovich.

‘I was invited for a conversation to the dean’s office. There were two unknown persons there. A bit later the dean left and they told me they were from the KGB, but failed to give their names. They asked questions about my trips to Poland and Ukraine. They also asked me if I was member of any opposition organization. Then they logged on to my page and showed that there were several opposition activists among my friends – Pavel Batuyeu and others,’ said P.Liashkovich.

Then the guy was recommended to sign an application of cooperation.

‘They told that if I did not start working for them, I would not be able to graduate from the University,’ added the student.

Pavel was forced to sign the papers and advised not to disclose the conversation.