Pinsk: Pensioner Stages Performance to Protest against Unfair Taxation and State Policy

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


Leanid Karol, a 66-year-old pensioner from Pinsk protested against unfair imposition of tax and the policy of the authorities. For an hour he stood near the Khvalia stadium with a hog-trough and three posters: ˜Pork barrel’, ˜Bloodsucker’, “Lukashenka, eat up and choke!’, the European radio for Belarus informs. Then he was detained by the police and after three days of preliminary detention was taken to court.

The judge who has heard about the slogans said it was not an administrative, but a criminal case. That is why additional investigation is needed. The court was postponed. Leanid Karol stays at home and is waiting for further development of the situation.

Answering the question what have made him stage the protest, Leanid Karol told that he is forced to pay everywhere: for a document from a village Soviet, for registering his son in his apartment. As said by Karol, when he asked the official in the village Soviet who had signed such laws, they said that Lukashenka had. ˜So, I expressed my position addressing the person who had invented that. I have such a right according to the constitution,’ Mr. Karol said.