Deputies of local soviets demand that Lukashenka stop persecution of the Union of Poles activists

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A number of deputies from local soviets urged Aliaxandr Lukashenka to stop persecution of the Union of Poles in Belarus leaders elected in March this year, and also the Union activists that support them, reported Radio Liberty. The people who signed the petition include deputies from Zhlobin, Smarhon, Mazyr, Kruhlaie, Mstsislavl and other towns in Belarus.
The petition by the local deputies say, "the seizure by the riot police of the House of Poles manifests disrespect not only for the members of the organization but also for all people of good will". According to Leanid Arlou, an undersigned deputy of Mazyr Town Soviet, public organizations must decide for themselves organization issues, define a plan of action, develop a strategy and tactics and correspondingly make decisions, including election of the leadership.
Together with Leanid Arlou, the petition was signed by the deputies Marat Afanasieu, Ramuald Ulan, Aliaxandr Halaktyionau, Piatro Tsiareshka and Zinaida Mialeshchanka. The last one is a deputy of Kruhlae District Soviet, a member of the United Civil Party. She says it looks like all around us are enemies: "According to the position of our political elite we live in a kind of isolation, everyone wants to slander us. But I think we should ourselves review our position, including the head of the country, to the neighbors and the people who live not by his order or his ideology and have their own opinion. That's why I signed this petition".
The local deputies demand that Aliaxandr Lukashenka "stop the illegal actions against the activists and leaders of the Union of Poles and start a dialog with the legal leadership of the organization with Anzhalika Borys at the head.
Aliaxandr Halaktyionau, a deputy of Mstsislau District Soviet, explains that he signed the appeal to the leader of Belarus in sympathy with and support of the Union of Poles activists: "Appeals have to be written, but the chance they will have any positive influence is very small. Undoubtedly, this is solidarity, and nothing more".