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Observatory strongly condemns harassment of Alena Masliukova

13.05.2020 Observatory strongly condemns harassment of Alena Masliukova

The Observatory has been informed by reliable sources about the judicial harassment of Ms. Alena Masliukova, an environmental rights defender and member of Human Rights Centre “Viasna” (HRC Viasna) in Svetlogorsk, as well as the search of her apartment and the illegal seizure of her equipment, in the context of the repression of an environmental protest movement against the construction of a bleached-pulp factory in Svetlogorsk.

London Belarusians hold flash-mob against death penalty

06.06.2013 London Belarusians hold flash-mob against death penalty

At 8 a.m. on 6 June Belarusians of London held a flash mob against the death penalty. They reminded that in Belarus bodies of death convicts aren't issued to their relatives, but burried in an undisclosed location.

14.11.2011 Lukashenka signs a law which bans any protests

The new draconian law bans any protest rallies, including flash-mobs.

Vitsebsk: police intimidate civil activists

11.10.2011 Vitsebsk: police intimidate civil activists

On 11 October the Vitsebsk youth intended to hold a flash-mob “Radiation 2.0” in order to express their disagreement with the state plans to construct a nuclear power plant in Belarus. A special event was created in the social network “Vkontakte” in order to coordinate the actions.

05.10.2011 Belarusian government bans “mass inaction”

Members of the House of Representatives adopted amendments to the Law on mass events in two readings on 3 October. The amendments were worked out following successful mass silent actions. The draft law on mass events in the Republic of Belarus prepared by the Council of Ministers provides for asking for permission to hold mass actions and mass inaction.

14.03.2011 Homel: riot police detains journalists during flash-mob against prohibition of performance of Lyapis Trubetskoy rock band

On Sunday, 13 March, civil activists held a flash-mob in the central market of Homel to protest against the prohibition of the concert of the prominent Belarusian rock band Lyapis Trubetskoy. By the way, the fact of prohibition of the concert witnesses the trustworthiness of the information that Lyapis Trubetskoy and some more bands, and artists were put on an unofficial black list by the Belarusian authorities.

03.11.2007 Flash-mob Against Repeal of Social Benefits

At 1.20 p.m. about 10 youngsters lined up near the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences with a banner ‘No to repeal of the benefits’. They stood there for about 10 minutes and managed to hand out about 300 leaflets with the heading ‘Return our legal benefits’. The leaflet told about the liquidation of benefits to veterans of work, under-aged convicts of Nazi camps, disabled children, children before the age of three, ordinary policemen and the police administration. The leaflets also called the people to join the Social March that will take place on 4 November.

07.08.2007 Flash-mob in Uruccha Suburb of Minsk

At 1 p.m. on 4 August a flash-mob of solidarity with those who suffered for their viewpoints and principles from the Belarusian police actions was held in the Uruchcha suburb of Minsk.

03.08.2007 Activists Try ‘Washing White’ Sovetskaya Belorussiya

Yesterday at 7p.m. the youth activists decided to celebrate Sovetskaya Belorussiya state newspaper‘s birthday by laundering it.