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Vitsebsk: police intimidate civil activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 11 October the Vitsebsk youth intended to hold a flash-mob “Radiation 2.0” in order to express their disagreement with the state plans to construct a nuclear power plant in Belarus. A special event was created in the social network “Vkontakte” in order to coordinate the actions.

However, on 10 October in the evening police officers came to one of its participants. They didn't introduce themselves, but stated that they knew about the preparation of the flash-mob. They warned the girl that according to the new legislation it was considered as an unauthorized action, for which she could receive administrative punishment.

They also started pressing on the girl's mother, saying that she would have to look for her daughter in the detention center if she didn't return home after the action.

The girl doesn't know how the policemen found her address, as she didn't put her real name or other personal data on her page in “Vkontakte”. They told her that they had seen hear at the People's Assembly, and all participants of the action were shot on video.

The youth started organizing the action two weeks ago, before the amendment of the legislation. They intended to gather near the City Hall on Lenin Street and at certain time play on their mobile phones the announcement of the Prypiats city radio about the accident on Chernobyl NPP, which had been broadcast on 27 April 1987.

The potential participant of the flash-mob thinks that the police became more active because the People's Assembly in Vitsebsk gathered more than 200 people who supported political demands.

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