Siarhei Korshun is new political prisoner

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Siarhei Korshun

Siarhei Korshun

Siarhei Korshun, a blogger working with a Telegram channel called “Armiya S Narodom” (“Army with the People”), is facing charges of preparing for and participating in group actions that gravely breach public  order (Part 1 and 2, Art. 342 of the Criminal Code). The charges are reportedly linked to the May 29 election picket in Hrodna, which to date was the formal pretext for the arrest of some 20 campaign activists, bloggers and opposition leaders.

Considering the nature of the charges, the human rights community of Belarus considers Siarhei Korshun a political prisoner and demands his immediate release.

Korshun was arrested on July 21, together with two more bloggers affiliated with the Telegram channel, Siarhei Lukyianau and Alena Kolikava. Since then, Korshun has been held in detention in pre-trial prison No. 1 in Minsk. Lukyianau and Kolikava were released three days later, but remained suspects in the case.

Kolikava said she witnessed illegal pressure on Korshun by the investigators, who reportedly threatened to take his children.

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