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Activist's Complaint over Beating by Policeman Dismissed

2017 2017-06-28T00:24:22+0300 2017-06-28T00:51:43+0300 en The Human Rights Center “Viasna” The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Viasna observers, Aliaksei Loika on the left

Viasna observers, Aliaksei Loika on the left

The senior investigative officer of the Pershamayski district department of the Investigative Committee Rabcaŭ A.A. questioned the complainant and concluded that there were no components of crime in the police’s actions.

We remind that on March 25, the police raided the office of Viasna, detaining 57 people who came to a short training on monitoring mass events, several hours ahead of the mass action on Liberty Day.

After the detention, Aliaksei Loika was taken to hospital where he spent nine days afterwards with closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion, an injury on the back, bruises on the head, forearms and arms. The activist filed a complaint against the unlawful actions of employees of the police and special forces and took forensic examination. He then received a phone call from the police department with the offer to withdraw the complaint.

“I met the investigative officer and asked him to present the results of the preliminary investigation and of the results of the forensic examination, but he refused, claiming that it was not envisaged. I asked if the persons who had beaten me were established; he answered positively, but did not disclose the names. I offered to question witnesses on my behalf, but the investigative officer did not do it.

Obviously, he was unwilling to assess lawfulness of the police’s actions, He only gave a cynical joke: “Did you fall that unfortunately, or was it a riot police officer who ran upon you when he raided the flat?”

In the concluding report, Rabcaŭ A. A. did not mention at all whether physical force had been applied against me, and how lawful the actions of the police had been.

Curiously, the investigative officer asked me why it had been me who went to open the door, whether I had shouted slogans in the flat, whether I had published leaflets or prepared mass disorders.”

Aliaksei Loika disagrees with the conclusion, he thinks that the check-up was superficial and intends to appeal to the prosecutor’s office.

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