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Pavel Vinahradau facing another preventive supervision

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Pavel Vinahradau. Photo: Karalina Paliakova /

Pavel Vinahradau. Photo: Karalina Paliakova /

Police may bring back preventive supervision over the activist Pavel Vinahradau. the supervision was introduced after his release and canceled a year ago. Incidentally, during the surveillance period, Pavel was forced to leave Minsk for Berazino.

On June 7, the court will decide whether to return the supervision of the activist. Pavel Vinahradau links this the forthcoming elections to the House of Representatives.

Pavel Vinahradau: "Surveillance is being introduced during the period close to the parliamentary elections. They want to introduce supervision for six months, but I have a criminal record ending on September 14. Therefore it is necessary to hold out until 14 September".

Pavel Vinahradau was convicted after the Square on December 19, 2010. If he commits three offenses involving administrative detention, he may get back the surveillance.

During preventive supervision the person should regularly show up at the penal inspection office upon request to provide explanations. During the supervision period the police may come and see without the permission the housing of the person under supervision. The Court may impose other restrictions.

The most creative opposition activist of recent years returned to Minsk and said why he did not vote and that his plans are.


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