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Anatol Liabedzka And Iryna Yaskevich Fined For Solidarity With Sole Traders

2016 2016-02-18T16:04:39+0300 2016-02-18T16:04:39+0300 en

The court of Maskouski district of Minsk has sentenced Anatol Liabedzka to a fine, 50 basic units (Br10 million 500 thousand).

The leader of sole traders community from Vitsebsk Iryna Yaskevich was fined 25 basic units (Br5 million 250 thousand), Radio Svaboda informs.

An activist Artur Adamian was fined 25 basic units (Br5 million 250 thousand), Nina Bahinskaya 30 basic units (Br6 million 300 thousand). Trials over them were held in absentia.

On January 18 an unsanctioned rally of solidarity with sole traders “I Am Sole Trader!” was held in central Minsk. Policemen drew up reports against those who delivered speeches at the meeting on charges relating article 23.34 of the Administrative Code (participation in an unsanctioned mass event).

On February 16 in the court of Leninski district of Minsk Anatol Liabedzka was punished by a fine of 50 basic units (Br10 million 500 thousand) for participation in a picket against police lawlessness. The picket was held in front of the building of the Supreme Court of Belarus on January 30.

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