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KGB Forces Picture Editor To Admit Collaborating With Belsat

2016 2016-02-12T13:57:44+0300 2016-02-12T13:57:44+0300 en

“Andrei” from the KGB came to the picture editor’s place of work and demanded to admit collaborating with independent TV channel.

The KGB puts pressure on an employee of STV Aliaksandr Shymko threatening to fire him from the television blacklisted. In such a way the committee is trying to make him admit collaborating with Belsat, the TV channel reports.

A man in civilian clothes, who introduced himself as “a state security officer” Andrei, came to STV video editing engineer Aliaksandr Shymko’s place of work. Threatening with dismissal, “Andrei” demanded from Aliaksandr to admit his collaborating with Belsat TV channel and to inform them of all their works on television editing.

The next morning, Andrei met Aliaksandr Shymko outside a shop and tried to force him to visit the KGB to carry out a polygraph test. The video engineer refused to go without a summons. Then the KGB officer made him sign a written order with the obligation to come the KGB on Kamsamolskaya Street, 30 on Friday February 12. It was stated that he could be fined 20 to 50 basic units if he didn’t turn up.

“Recently Belarusian special services have increased attention to independent media”, – head of the legal commission of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC) Hary Pahaniaila comments the situation.

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