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Paval Vinahradau Fined For Rally In Front Of Tax Inspection Office

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The activist brought a coffin with the writing “May We See Your Taxes In a Coffin!” to the porch of the Tax Inspection.

On January 31 Paval Vinahradau together with masked people brought a coffin of the tax inspection of Minsk in Maskouskaya Street a coffin. It was written on its lid: “May We See Your Taxes In a Coffin!” Besides, Vinahradau attached a poster: “Stop Robbing Your Nation” to the coffin. The news about the protest were spread through the web, policemen didn’t detain the participants.

The trial over the activist has taken place today. Pavel Vinahradau was found guilty of holding an unsanctioned picket and sentenced to a fine of 30 basic units – Br6.3 million, Radio Svaboda informs. So Vinahradau didn’t need the property bag he had brought along in preparation for an administrative arrest.

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