Minsk authorities refuse to register New Alternative NGO

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Department of Justice of the Minsk city executive committee has refused to register a public association entitled “New Alternative”, previously known as “Alternative”.

According to the NGO’s website, "Alternative", the answer is signed by the Deputy Head of the Department Aliaksandr Maiseyenka and argues that the reason for refusal of registration is the organization’s name mismatch with the stated aims and objectives.

In particular, one of the NGO’s objectives is “promotion of civil society and the rule of law on the basis of a free market, the priority of human rights, universal values ​​and pluralism in all spheres of society.” The officials saw a discrepancy in one of the tasks: “promoting the creation of conditions for the participation of citizens in the scientific, humanitarian, educational activities, in the activities for the protection of the environment and wildlife, as well as in other social activities.”

For over three years, the NGO has been operating in Belarus with a registration from the Republic of Latvia.