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Police See No Offense In Homel Customs Officer Using Foul Language

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A Homel freelance journalist Kanstantsin Zhukouski received a response from the Department of Internal Affairs of the Homel regional executive committee to his complaint on the fact, that a customs officer on duty was using foul language.


In his claim the freelancer asked the police to bring Homel customs officer Razhkou, who used foul language being on duty, to administrative responsibility under Articles 9.3 and 17.1 of the Administrative Code (disorderly conduct and insult), Belarusian News writes.

In September 2015 Zhukouski together with his colleague Natallia Kryvashei and a social activist Uladzimir Katsora was returning from Chernihiv (Ukraine) to Homel. When crossing the border at Novaya Huta checkpoint, their car was directed to full inspection as they had claims from the customs officers.

“The customs officer Razhkou insulted me, used foul language, provoking a conflict, of which I have got a relevant audio recording. The border is the gateway of Belarus, and a customs officer is a representative of the authorities, the first one you see entering our country. A relevant opinion about our country is formed after talking to customs officers. And his behavior, I believe, is unacceptable”, – the freelance journalist commented to BelaPAN.

The answer from the police was received as late as on November 26. The Department of Internal Affairs explained that the police check regarding the complaint had been suspended in connection with the official investigation against the official. “The actions of the customs officer Razhkou against you do not contain elements of an offense under Articles 17.1 and 9.3 of the Administrative Code, but appear to be a violation of the Disciplinary Code of the customs authorities”, – the police department of the Homel regional executive committee replied. It is also said that the customs officer underwent a disciplinary punishment.

The answer from the police is written in Belarusian, but with serious mistakes. For example, in the text of the response it is noted that “the materials of the check had been suspended and resumed within the term prescribed by the law.”

“There is an audio recording, there are witnesses that the customs officer has used foul language being on duty, insulting me, but the police do not treat this as an offense. The question arises does the police live by the law, or by their notions of the law, or by the codes of the underworld?”, Zhukouski says.

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