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Slonim “Young Front” activist Zmitser Yushkevich arrested for 30 days

2015 2015-10-03T13:59:07+0300 2015-10-03T13:59:07+0300 en

The police came to the activist's home, told that he was arrested for 30 days and took him to the police station.

This was reported to Radio “Liberty” by his mother, Iryna Yushkevich. The police didn't show her any documents and didn't explain the reasons for detaining her son. They just said they had received an order from Minsk.

Iryna Yushkevich tried to phone to the police, but didn't get any explanations either. “I don't even know what to think, as nobody has explained anything. I don't know whether he has had unserved arrest sentences or whether it is related to the upcoming elections. This is not the first time they are doing it to him.”

Some Yushkevich's friends say his arrest can be related to the rally against the deployment of the Russian military bases in Belarus, which is scheduled for October 4.

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