Suspects in graffiti case: We face six years in prison

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According to one of the accused, Maksim Piakarski, the Investigative Committee continues the investigation. Last week he was questioned again. He stated that graffiti makers plead not guilty, Radio Svaboda reports.

"Two of us are under travel restrictions - me and Vadzim Zharomski, we were behind bars for 20 days, he said. - Viachaslau Kasinerau was in hospital, his jaw was broken. First he was under the guard, and then it was removed. Now he is a suspect at large. Ulianenka was released in the evening, now he is also a suspect. We are being summoned almost every day; we may face up to six years in prison. They always have questions, hold face-to-face interrogation. Now the case is not dismissed, and the end of it is unknown.

The Investigative Committee has launched false information on our confession. It's a lie. We confessed that we did it, but without any hooligan intentions. We expressed our opinion that way. And we plead not guilty under Article 339, para 2 (hooliganism). We understand that we have spoiled the property. But it was of creative motives".

Maksim Pekarski notes that those involved in the case are being put psychological pressure on.

"Besides, we are constantly called to the Investigative Committee. Two times the unknown gained entry to the house of our parents, left lots of footsteps, some things were moved. It is unknown what they did there. Eyewitnesses say there was a Geely car with a zero region on a car number plate. It is known that such vehicles belong to siloviki.

It should be reminded that on August 11 five guys were cruelly detained for a Belarusian-speaking graffiti and damage by paint of a sociality billboard with an image of police officers. On August 20 the Investigative Committee served charges on Maksim Pekarski and Vadzim Zharomski under article "Hooliganism committed by a group of persons". On August 31 they were released under travel restrictions and pledge of secrecy.