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Administration of "Belaruskali", which manages election commissions, openly states about organization of administrative control of turnout

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Left to right: Ivan Halavaty and Aliaksandr Harbachou

Left to right: Ivan Halavaty and Aliaksandr Harbachou

September 9 in Salihorsk, a meeting of the administration of "Belaruskali" had a meeting with its engineering staff of the first mine - managers and supervisors at all levels of the mine group. Ordinary workers weren't invited. Instead, there were the director general Ivan Halavaty, his deputy for ideological work and personnel Anatol Makhlai and the director of the first mine, Aliaksandr Harbachou.

During the meeting the CEO told the staff about the crisis in the global potash market and the problems "Belaruskali" may face because of the difficulties in the economies of Brazil and China. After this, Halavaty left the event.

Then the floor was taken by Mr. Makhlai. The theme of his speech was the presidential elections in the country. The main thesis was that “we are living well, there are problems in all neighboring countries, whereas we have peace and stability, our country does not need any other leader, you must make your choice, and you all know who it should be”. In fact, the administration of the largest country's enterprise campaigned for Lukashenka during working hours, although the official start of the campaign hadn't been yett announced by the Central Election Commission. Moreover, it should be noted that Anatol Makhlai is Deputy Chair of the Salihorsk District Election Commission.

The final point in the meeting was put the director of the first mine Aliaksandr Harbachou, who also heads one of the precinct election commissions in Salihorsk. After the blatant propaganda for the current government, Harbachou, in flagrant violation of the Electoral Code, announced to all present that he would personally control the attendance of the polling stations by all the subordinate employees of the first mine group:

“What I demand from you as your boss and will try to control as much as possible is the turnout on th election day. All heads of units will be obliged to report to their supreme heads about the turnout of their subordinates. It is not that hard, taking into account the existence of the mobile telephone communications. What is yet better, do not leave this for the last day if you are not sure you will be able to vote on the day of the elections,” stated Mr. Harbachou.

In the photo, right to left – Harbachou and Halavaty

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