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Statkevch to remain under police supervision

2015 2015-08-24T15:50:26+0300 2015-08-24T15:50:26+0300 en

The former political prisoner received a release certificate.

Mikalai Statkevich told Euroradio he remained under police supervision.

“I am subject to supervision, according to the certificate. I don't know exactly what it means. I must visit a police station within three days and register,” Mikalai Statkevich says.

According to Statkevich, he either will have to visit a police station on the first call or be at home at certain time (from 20:00 to 8:00, for example).

In both cases, the former political prisoner must inform the police about his movements and ask permission for abroad trips.

Under law, only a court can put a person under supervision.

“I don't know anything. The pardon decree was singed on August 22, and I was released on August 22. I think that if necessary, it may appear that the trial was held on August 21, Saturday,” Statkevich says.

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