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Apartment of Biarozauka activist searched

2015 2015-08-20T15:48:45+0300 2015-08-20T15:48:45+0300 en

Two police officers in plain-clothes seized a computer and a printer from Yury Dziashuk, resident of Biarozauka, Lida district.

Dziashuk is a suspect in a sensational action that took place in Biarozauka a month ago. The police initiated a criminal case, Radio Racyja reports.

"They came three times within a day, two times I was absent. Finally, they found me at home. They told about the case. They said I could have been involved and some of my things could have been useful. They made a search. They looked through papers. As soon as they saw my computer, they said: "We take it away!" They also took away my printer, which is out of order for more than six months", the activist told.

It is another search at the activists' involved in the flashmob that was held at the clockhouse of the Neman Glass Plant. There were auto-tyre casings and leaflets. Activist left bottles with unknown liquid and lit smoke pellets.

In May Neman launched the production of glass wool. For its production such harmful substances as phenols and formaldehydes are used. The plant is located in the center of Biarozauka. Citizens began to complain about a specific smell in the town.

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