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Mahilou-based journalist wants police to return his notebook

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Chief editor of Nash Mahilou website Ihar Barysau writes in his complaint that a check in connection with defamation accusation was completed, two administrative cases (violation of the law on mass media and receiving money from abroad for the website), which were launched by police officers Kazakou and Varantsou, were closed, computers and a modem were returned, but he hasn't received his notebook yet.

“Every time when I visited the police department to take my computers I asked them where my notebook was. They never gave a clear answer. They only said it was sent for a check, but didn't say to which agency. Five months have passed, but I still don't have my notebook,” Ihar Barysau said.

Barysau says he was told in the court that the notebook wasn't attached to materials of the administrative cases, so he should contact the agency that had seized it.

Ihar Barysau asks to say which agency took his notebook for examination and bring the officers who illegally retain his belongings to account. The editor wants the police officers to apologise for the inconveniences they caused, as a criminal case wasn't opened and limitation period for two administrative cases expired. The court recommended to issue a warning to the police officers who conducted Barysau's cases for numerous violations.

Four police officers and two witnesses visited Ihar Barysau's flat on March 12 as a possible crime scene. The police visited his home on the ground of an application from general director of Lenta company Siarhei Piatrou, who claimed one of the articles on the website contained defamation against him.

Three computers, a modem and a notebook were seized for a check. The police raided the office of Viasna human rights centre's department in Mahilou on the same day and seized three computers.

The check didn't show Barysau's involvement in writing or posting the article on the website, and the linguistic analysis didn't find facts of insulting. All computers were returned to the owners.

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