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Brest journalist Aliaksandr Liauchuk gets his phone blocked despite repaid fine

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Ales Liauchuk

Ales Liauchuk

According to the journalist, an SMS-message from the telephone company MTS came to the phone which is used by his seven-year old daughter. By this message the user was informed that the telephone number would be blocked on court decision.

Aliaksandr Liauchuk explained that in early July he had received a letter from the enforcement department of Maskoŭski district of Brest with the requirement to pay a fine of 3.78 million rubles.

The journalist was sentenced to this fine under part 2 of Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code (illegal production and distribution of media products). The letter did not specify the term during which he had to pay the fine. "I called the bailiff Anastasiya Maksimuk and warned that it would do until the end of July, with which she agreed," said Liauchuk and added that the fine was repaid on July 22 and a copy of the payment receipt, was sent to the enforcement department by e-mail.

However, on July 30 the aforementioned SMS message came to the phone of his daughter (the telephone number is registered on the father).

"I called to the bailiff again. She said that she had really contacted MTS and requested to block the telephone, but now the telephone would be unblocked, since there were no more claims. However, It happened only on the fourth day, as the enforcement department kept directing me to MTS, and MTS – back to the enforcement department,” says Ales Liauchuk.

who stated that she contacted the MTS, the phone was blocked, but now no complaints, and the phone is unlocked. But that was only on the fourth day, because all the time in the department of enforcement of the Moscow district of Brest I sent to the company MTS, and then - to deal with the bailiffs, "- says Alexander Liauchuk.

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