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Prisoners report a deterioration of prison conditions

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Persons, convicted under Article 328 of the Criminal Code (trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances) through their relatives reported a significant deterioration in conditions in Belarusian prisons.

In particular, the administration of the penitentiary system prohibits receiving from relatives powdered milk, instant coffee, clothes, shoes and other things. Law enforcement officers do not explain anything, and the mothers of the prisoners regard it as a manifestation of abuse of their children:

“They aren't allowed to receive medical parcels unless they have chronic diseases. We have received the answers: “You aren't a party to the proceedings” to all our appeals,” the mothers say.

In Hrodna, mothers of the persons convicted under article 328 of the Criminal Code, create a public organization, which will protect the interests of their children who have fallen behind bars. According to the parents, many sentences were handed down in violation of the legislation, resulting in unreasonably long terms of imprisonment.

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