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Vaitsiushkevich blamed for extremism and war propaganda

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Ideologues denied in touring certificate, because the "activity of the performer" threatens to national security of the country. reports that Voitsiushkevich's performance was scheduled for July 22 in the Moscow House where the musician intended to present a program on poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky on the occasion of the birthday of the poet. Preliminary agreement was reached.

If earlier his performances were cracked for fanciful reasons, simply because of a call "from above", now it is the first time when officials gave an official explanation, signed by Vitalina Rudzikova, first Deputy Head on the Ideological Work, Youth and Culture and Head of the Culture Department of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

The refusal to issue the touring certificate is connected with Dzmitry's activity that, according to the official, falls under Lukashenka's order No. 257, Chapter 2, paragraph 5.

It should be reminded that it denies the organization of concerts aiming at war propaganda or extremist activity, threatening the national security, public order, morality and population health, civil rights and freedoms of the citizens

It is curious that Vitalina Rudzikava concluded that after a "study of Vaitsiushkevich's activity". But she did not present any proves of it.

She stated she had "watched a video and listened to the radio" and had decided to ban the event. She has no complaints against Mayakovsky, but the ideologue specified that the business affected Vaitsiushkevich's works.

Dzmitry commented on each item of the accusation made.

"I am in a complete perplexity. None of the grounds presented have nothing in common with my activity. I have neither war propaganda nor extremism in my songs. On the contrary, I am trying to glorify Belarus with songs based on poems both of Belarusian and foreign poets.

Perhaps, it will sound indiscreetly, but I think my work does not threaten population health, but, on the contrary, may provoke positive emotions; the opinion is based on my concerts. People go there with their families," the singer says.

But with an official refusal the musician can challenge the decision.

"I wish officials were responsible for what they said and had better reasons for their decisions. Therefore, I am ready to adjudicate my right to do what I am keen on", Dzmitry Vaitsiushkevich says.

It is noteworthy that it is only the second official letter on a concert prohibition. Amaroka band also received such letter signed by Rudzikova in 2014.

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