Italian festival awards film about Bialiatski and other human rights defenders

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“A Heart That Never Dies' is a six-part television series, filmed by director Erling Borgen and Tom Heinemann, received the award at the festival "Cinema for Peace" in Italy.

The annotation to the film reads: "Journalists, lawyers, political activists and human rights defenders are fighting every day against corrupt regimes that suppress the peaceful exercise of freedom of expression or infringe other basic human rights. Why do these people do it? Why are they willing to make sacrifices in order to contribute to the protection of human rights, including freedom of criticism of the authorities in their own countries? Isn't the price too high? Who in their right mind would criticize Europe's last dictator? Who dares to openly expose the drug cartels in Latin America or the ultra-neo-Nazi in the Balkans? Do you have the courage to publicly raise voice against the last absolute monarchy in Africa, against corruption in Southeast Asia or to stand up for women's rights in Egypt? Some do – and others will have. This is the story of six people - people with hearts that will never die."

One of the six heroes of the TV series is the Belarusian human rights activist, head of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski. The annotation says that “Bialiatski's voice continues sounding despite the 1,050 days in detention.”