Mahilioŭ City Council ignores the collective appeals of citizens

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At the end of May about 6.5 thousand citizens sent an appeal to the local MPs, but still haven't received any response.

This was announced by the initiator of the appeal, Deputy Chair of the Free Trade Union of Belarus Yury Novikau.

“We have collected about 6,500 signatures demanding to clear and beautify lake Sviatoje in
Mahilioŭ, which started reminding of a swamp, being covered with overgrown algae and slime. The state of the lake began to deteriorate at the end of last year, but despite this, local authorities did nothing. As a result, this year the lake is closed for swimming,” Mr. Novikau.

The trade union leader also says that officials from the City Council also violated the statutory terms of answering to citizens' appeals.

“We had to go to Mahilioŭ City Executive Committee in order to receive a reply in writing. Eventually we managed to get it, but there is nothing concrete about it. They just tell us how many benches and lounges were installed on the beach, how many toilets functioned there, but what difference does it make when it is prohibited to swim?” argues Mr. Novikau.

One can regard the pollution of lake Sviatoje in Mahilioŭ as a local ecological disaster, as all fish has died in it. This situation can be a result of the unsanctioned flows of sewage from the cottages, which are located on the opposite side of the lake.

Yury Novikau is going to challenge the inaction of the local officials Mahilioŭ Regional Council and will seek drawing the city council to legal account for violating the terms of replying to collective appeals of citizens.