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Head of a police department in Mahilioŭ accuses activist of trying to bribe him

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Instead of answering questions of Aliaksandr Khamratau and Dzmitry Zdobnikau they were pushed out of the Lieninski District Police Department in Mahilioŭ.

July 8, the lawyer of the Independent Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry came to the head of the Lieninski DPD with the request to study the materials of the administrative cases against a member of the trade union Sviatlana Ivaniushava. On the eve of the visit the guys had received a power of attorney to represent the interests of the woman.

“We came to the police department and started asking questions to the head of the DPD, but he did not answer anything. I asked him why people come to the police department healthy and come out with broken jaws, and why the administrative case against Ivaniushyna, according to which she had allegedly used foul language, fell apart in court,” says Mr. Khamratau.

Then the head of the DPD lost his nerve and directly ordered to push the guys out of his office. Already in the corridor Aliaksandr Maskaliou stated in presence of another officer that the youngsters had already come to bribe him.

Outraged by such attitude and manners of the head of the Lieninski DPD, the guys went to the Police Department of Mahilioŭ Regional Executive Committee, where they filed a complaint against him.

Let us remind that in early June Sviatlana Ivaniushava stated that policemen of the Lieninski DPD had broken her jaw. June 5 the woman had come to the police to complain about her son-in-law, with whom she had had a conflict. Sviatlana doesn't hide she was drunk, but the level of intoxication, registered by medics, wasn't sufficient for taking her to the sobering-up station. As argued by Mrs. Ivaniushyna, she was beaten by the duty policeman in the toilet, to which she went to soak her head, which was aching. Later on, the already beaten woman was taken to the temporary detention facility, where she informed the administration about the beating and pains in the jaw. Now the Investigative Committee is conducting an inspection on the incident.

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