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Protest of Chinese workers in Belarus: hundreds of workers come from Dobruš to Homieĺ

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July 2 about 200-300 Chinese workers, who are building a paper factory in Dobruš, stopped working. They lined up in columns and headed for Homieĺ, protesting against wage arrears and the fines, imposed by the administration for failing to meet the schedule of the construction works.

Police and riot police accompanied the workers during all 25 kilometers of their way from Dobruš to Homieĺ, but didn't try to stop them. As a result, the Chinese workers got to the railway station in Homieĺ. They were going to come to Minsk and meet with the Chinese Ambassador to Belarus. Later they decided to proceed to Minsk by foot. Their procession to Minsk was accompanied by paddy wagons.

Somewhat later, representatives of the Chinese Embassy arrived, and after a long talk with them the workers agreed to return to Dobruš.

As reported by ERB, in October 2009, about 60 Chinese who worked in the Pružany district, hiked to Minsk, too, after they weren't paid their wage for a month. They were stopped in Pružany and persuaded to return. Representatives of the Chinese Embassy came to them, too.

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