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Strike at plant in Maladzechna

2015 2015-06-10T14:47:03+0300 2015-06-10T14:47:03+0300 en

Employees of the metalwork plant in Maladzechna refused to start work On June 8. They wanted the wage debt to be paid off.

The plant has a staff of 1130. Workers have no money to pay their utility bills, Nasha Niva reports. Workers shot their meeting with the plant managers on video. “There are no prospects,” the managers said honestly at the meeting. “Russia doesn't want to buy our products. Spend the money you will receive on food only,” they advised.

“It is the question of your morals whether to work properly,” the managers said, wihch made the workers laugh. “If you don't start working right now, you won't get any wages at all,” the managers warned.

They hope the construction of Slavkali mines will improve the situation. Many projects were frozen due to the fall of the Russian ruble as a result of sanctions for Russia's aggression in Ukraine. “People cannot buy even bread! We have been living so for the last six months. Try to understand us,” an old worker said. The managers promised to pay just a part of the debt by the end of the week.

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